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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Korean High Schools

IB Schools in Korea
Diploma Programme

Seoul Foreign School
55 Yonhi Dong, Seoul

Taejon Christian International School
201-0 O-Jung Dong, Taeduk-Gu, Taejon

Korean High schools with SAT code

682190 Centennial Christian School
682192 Daeil Foreign Language High School
682373 Daewon Foreign Language High School
682193 Ewha Girls Foreign Language High School
682191 Global Christian School Of Daegu
682224 Global Christian School Seoul

682000 Global Vision Christian School
682012 Goyang Foreign Language High School
682182 Gyeongnam Intnl Foreign School
682226 Han Young Foreign Language High School
682011 Hankuk Academy Of Foreign Studies
682427 Indianhead School
682230 International Christian School
682231 International Christian School Pyongtaek

682024 International Christian School-pyongtaek
682376 Korea International School
682375 Korea Kent Foreign School
682023 Korea Science Academy
682010 Korean Minjok Leadership Academy
682030 Kwangju Foreign School
682310 Myung Duk Foreign Language High School
682221 Myungji Foreign Language High School
682022 Pusan Foreign School

682428 Seoul Foreign Language High School
682380 Seoul Foreign School
682385 Seoul International School
682386 Seoul Science High School
682420 Taejon Christian International School

* Princeton data

Out of 102 applications, 69 came from the following five schools: Minjok (20), Daewon (17), Seoul Science (13), Hanyoung (10), and Seoul International (9). Only three other schools had multiple applicants: Taejeon Christian (6), Seoul Foreign (2), and Incheon Science (2). Twenty-three (23) other schools contributed a single application, so a total of thirty-one (31) schools submitted applications.

WASC accredited
Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Busan Foreign School (K - 12)
1366-3, Jwa - Dong, Haeundae-Gu
Busan, 612-030
Private School

Centennial Christian School (K - 12)
820 Wolgye 2-Dong, No Won Gu
Seoul, 139-052
Private School

Gyeongnam International Foreign School (K - 12)
#451 Wolseong-ri, Sanam-myeon
Sacheon, Gyeongnam, 664-942
Private School

Indianhead International School (PK - 12)
#233-3, Howon-Dong, Uijeongbu City
Gyeonggi-Do, 480-701
Private School

International Christian School, Pyongtaek (K - 12)
367-3 Shindae-Dong, Kyongido
Pyongtaek, 450-820
Religious School

International Christian School, Seoul (K - 12)
1-206 Yongsan-dong 2 ga Yongsan-gu
Seoul, 140-022
Religious School

International Christian School, Uijongbu (K - 12)
Kanung 1 Dong 677-14
Uijongbu, 480-101
Religious School

Korea International School (K - 12)
155-1 Kaepo-dong, Kangnam-gu
Seoul, 135-240
Private School

Korea Kent Foreign School (K - 12)
619-30, Guui-Dong
Seoul, 143-200
Private School

Kwangju Foreign School (PK - 12)
633-1 Yangsan-Dong Buk-Ku
Kwangju, 500-200
Private School

Seoul Foreign School (PK - 12)
55 Yonhi Dong
Seoul, 120-113
Private School

Seoul International School (PK - 12)
San 32-16, Bokjung-dong, Soojung-ku
Songnam-city, Kyonggi-do
Seoul, 461-200
Private School

Taejon Christian International School (PK - 12)
210-1 O-Jung Dong
Daejeon, 306-010
Religious School


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of those Korean International schools are nothing but overpriced hogwans. They do what they can to ensure the students get taught well, but the owners of a lot of them are more concerned about raking in the almighty dollar. In other words they are not educators, and don't run their schools as well as they should.

5/14/2008 5:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a runour that the owner of the Gwangju Foreign school is a big fake as well. He claims to be a lawyer and to have passed the bar exam, but his origional claim that he graduated from the university of West Virginia has since been altered to "He graduated from law school and passed the bar exam"

News men could check him out, so he might be trying to give them the run around

5/14/2008 5:21 AM  

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